Combine our unique coffee mix recipes with an industrial grade freezing machine to create a refreshing frozen Blended Coffee in seconds


24/7 Phone support

We are always just i call away, at any time with any issue.


Marketing Materials

We supply all the necessary materials to make FROFFEE look more inviting at your store


Social Media Marketing

We offer direct marketing programs to any specific location to attract more customers to your store with FROFFEE


NO Binding Contracts!

We won’t lock you in a ridiculous contract that doesn’t make financial sense.


Take full control of your profits by owning  FROFFEE machine. Reaching incredible margins that can get up to 95%

Share the risk.

You own a FROFFEE machine, but we hold full responsibility for its repairs and maintenance. This will up the cost by a bit, but will still leave you with at least 75% Gross Margin for any beverage sold.

Play it safe

We own the machines and take full responsibility for its maintenance and repairs.You minimize your risk, and keep the Margins that can reach up to 55%